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Malibu MakeOver - Original
The Original Malibu MakeOver

The Original Malibu MakeOver

The Original Malibu MakeOver is the ultimate wellness service formulated with fresh-dried antioxidant vitamins to provide dramatic results and immediate normalizing and revitalizing of the hair and scalp.

The Original Malibu MakeOver:

  • Immediately returns hair to a healthy state

  • Safely, yet effectively, removes minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper) from water that attach on to the hair and scalp like a magnet

  • Helps stop oxidation before, during and after chemical services to increase longevity and prevent damage caused by oxidizing chemicals

  • Removes discoloration caused by minerals, oxidizers, and medications

  • Removes heavy styling product build-up (resins)

  • Stops oxidation from environmental elements (air, sun, water) that can damage (over-oxidize) hair

  • Normalizes and revitalizes hair proteins

  • Infuses strength to hair proteins

  • Helps restore shine, volume and manageability

  • Helps normalize the natural exfoliation of scalp layers

  • Helps prevent dry, flaky, itchy scalp

  • Formulated with fresh-dried antioxidant vitamins and proteins of various molecular sizes replace the need for clarifiers and deep conditioners that can otherwise leave the hair dry and coated.





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